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How Can I Achieve a Flatter Tummy Without Surgery?

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Do you have a belly pooch? If so, you are probably dreaming about having a flat tummy. Imagine being able to confidently wear a two-piece bikini when you head to the beach. However, you probably don’t want to undergo a classic tummy tuck that involves incisions and downtime. Luckily, you have options for achieving a flatter tummy without surgery.

Schedule a consultation with board-certified physician Dr. Nada Zaknoun at Nadomi Medspa in Wareham, MA. Our team also serves patients throughout Marion and Mattapoisett, MA. Dr. Zaknoun will meet with you to discuss your goals and determine what treatment method can help you achieve a flatter tummy without surgery.

What is truSculpt iD body contouring?

At Nadomi Medspa in Wareham, MA, Dr. Zaknoun offers Cutera’s truSculpt iD body contouring, which is a nonsurgical body sculpting treatment. truSculpt iD uses radiofrequency heat to target stubborn areas of body fat. The system uses six hands-free handpieces to target large body areas, such as the flanks or the abdomen, to reduce the size by removing unwanted fat pockets. truSculpt iD can flatten bulky areas, like the stomach, which do not respond to exercise or diet.

With truSculpt iD treatment, there are no incisions or needles needed, like with liposuction or tummy tuck surgery. Following the procedure, patients won’t face significant recovery time. The treatment takes only around 15 minutes to conduct.

Following truSculpt iD treatment, you can start to notice results in as few as 12 weeks as your stomach or other treatment area starts to become slimmer and flatter.

Are you a suitable candidate for truSculpt iD body contouring?

truSculpt iD body contouring treatment is customizable and ideal for both men and women. It works well on almost all skin types. truSculpt iD treatment can even be used on tattooed skin without causing any fading or damage.

What happens at a truSculpt iD body contouring consultation?

Dr. Zaknoun will meet with you for a pre-treatment consultation to discuss truSculpt iD body contouring treatment with you. She will evaluate the problem areas of your body and take measurements. The team will also take "before" photos of the area slated for treatment to document the area and compare it with your results 12 weeks after undergoing the procedure. We will develop a customized treatment plan to target the areas and help fulfill your goals. Patients typically need to undergo more than one treatment to gain optimal results.

Preparing for truSculpt iD body contouring

Following a truSculpt iD consultation, you will return for treatment. You should always be well-hydrated before undergoing truSculpt iD. Prior to treatment, remove all makeup and perfumes. If the area that is going to be treated has hair, then the region will need to be shaved to ensure that the handpiece can make optimum contact with your skin’s surface.

truSculpt iD handpieces are hands-free. They are placed directly on the treatment area, where they remain stationary. You will start to feel a warm sensation that will intensify as the heat builds. Many patients report that the treatment feels like a hot stone massage.

What to expect after truSculpt iD

Following the procedure, your skin will feel warm and flushed. The sensation can last for a few hours, and then the skin will become tender to the touch for several days. It will take from 6 – 12 weeks for your body to get rid of the treated fat cells. You will probably gain results after the first treatment session, but additional sessions can give you even greater results, especially when treating the tummy area.

Schedule a truSculpt iD consultation in Wareham, MA

If you want a flat tummy without undergoing a surgical procedure, we invite you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Nada Zaknoun at Nadomi Medspa in Wareham, MA. She will evaluate your problem area and discuss what you can expect from truSculpt iD treatment to flatten your tummy. Contact us to learn more.

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