How Much Body Fat Can truSculpt® iD Diminish in a Single Treatment?

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Have you been diligently working out and dieting, but you still have pockets of fat and unwanted bulges? Some areas of the body simply do not respond to exercise and weight loss. If you have love handles, a stomach pooch, or other areas of unwanted fat, you might want to consider undergoing laser body contouring with truSculpt® iD. In a single treatment, patients notice results.

Board-certified physician Dr. Nada Zaknoun offers body contouring treatments at Nadomi Medspa using the innovative technology of truSculpt® iD. If you reside near Wareham, Mattapoisett, or Marion, MA, Dr. Zaknon can help you say goodbye to those hard to get rid of pockets of body fat and get the results you seek.

What is the truSculpt® iD?

The truSculpt iD by Cutera is one of the latest devices designed to target unwanted body fat. The body sculpting device uses radiofrequency to produce heat. The hands-free device removes fat in stubborn areas. Best of all, you can undergo treatment for a variety of stubborn fat regions on the body in a single treatment. The device uses up to six hands-free handpieces to treat the flanks, the abdomen, and other areas of the body to reduce and get rid of fat quickly. There is no reason to book numerous treatments for each target area.

The state-of-the-art truSculpt® iD technology offers quick and effective body sculpting results, so you can obtain the body definition you have been trying so hard to achieve.

One of the best things about truSculpt® iD is that it requires no incisions or needles (unlike liposuction). You will not require a long recovery period. The entire body sculpting procedure is carried out in around 15 minutes. Over the course of 12 weeks following treatment, individuals will start to notice impressive results as the areas of fat shrink and fade away. Soon, you can have the body contour you want.

Preparing for treatment with truSculpt® iD

You will want to ensure you are well-hydrated before your appointment for your truSculpt® iD. Clean your skin, so it is free of perfumes, makeup, or lotions. Always shave the target area before the day of treatment to help ensure effective results because the handpiece must make good contact with the skin to deliver results.

Does truSculpt® iD hurt?

You might feel a warming of the skin, but patients report not experiencing pain when undergoing truSculpt® iD body sculpting treatments. The device has built-in temperature control, so you don’t have to worry about your skin burning. Following treatment, the skin might appear flushed and feel warm to the touch.

Some patients do report noticeable results in only a day, but the majority take from 6 – 12 weeks to truly see a dramatic improvement in the reduction of fat.

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Do you live near Marion or Mattapoisett, MA, and are ready to say goodbye to unwanted fat? If so, book a consultation today with Dr. Nada Zaknoun at Nadomi Medspa Wareham, MA to discuss the truSculpt® iD. Dr. Zaknoun will go over your fat reduction goals and let you know what you can expect from the body sculpting treatment.

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