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Lesion Removal in Wareham, MA

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About Lesion Removal

There are quite a few different types of lesions, including skin tags, keratosis, moles, and warts. Skin lesions can either be raised to create a bump or can lie under the surface of the skin, causing a dark spot. While skin lesions are usually not dangerous, some patients elect to have them treated for aesthetic reasons or to alleviate the fear of health concerns, like skin irritation or cancer. At Nadomi Medspa in Wareham, MA, board-certified physician Dr. Nada Zaknoun performs lesion removal using advanced Cutera® excel® HR laser technology. During a consultation, Dr. Zaknoun will examine the lesion to determine the ideal treatment plan for you.

Ideal Candidates

The removal of lesions is a simple procedure, ideal for individuals who have a wart, skin tag, keratosis, or mole. Removal can be performed for aesthetic and practical reasons. Candidates typically:

  • Are dealing with constant skin irritation
  • Wish to rid themselves of a skin lesion
  • Feel self-conscious about their skin
  • Feel their lesion could be cancerous
  • Have a skin lesion in an area that is not easy to conceal, such as the cheeks, hands, nose, or chin

Procedure Technique

Removing lesions is performed onsite in our minor procedures room and a local anesthetic may be used if necessary. The procedure technique that is the best fit for your lesion will be decided during your consultation. Dr. Zaknoun will guide the excel HR handpiece over the area. Despite the approach chosen, Dr. Zaknoun will do her best to minimize the presence of scars.

What to Expect

Following your lesion removal procedure, you can expect the treatment area to feel sensitive and tender. These symptoms are normal and typically fade within a week. Anti-inflammatory medications can be used to reduce pain. You should be careful not to disturb the treated area and observe all aftercare instructions given to you by Dr. Zaknoun. Usually, the area will heal in about 2 – 3 weeks following the procedure when instructions have been properly followed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does lesion removal cost?
Lesion removal costs are dependent on the type, size, and where it is located. If you want a lesion removed for non-medical purposes, health insurance is usually not involved. Talk to Dr. Zaknoun in your initial consultation if you may want to submit a claim to your insurance company. She or someone on her staff can give you the needed information from our office.

Is scarring a concern?
With the use of laser technology for lesion removal, scarring tends to be less prevalent than with an excision treatment. If you are concerned about scarring, talk with Dr. Zaknoun during your consultation. She will be able to tell you exactly what you can expect and she works to make scarring as minimal as possible.

Do I need a board-certified physician?
Lesion removal for cosmetic reasons is a treatment to eliminate an unsightly or bothersome mark. A lesion that is dark, bumpy, large, or in a visible area may be removed. While a dermatologist is able to excise these, some lesions might need an aesthetic technique to minimize skin discoloration and irregular lines. This is one reason why it is better to make a consultation with a board-certified physician, like Dr. Zaknoun.


Remove Skin Lesions

Lesions often cause anxiety, as well as irritation. Nadomi Medspa in Wareham, MA can improve the appearance of your skin with a fast and easy skin lesion removal process. Contact our practice at your earliest convenience to arrange an appointment with Dr. Zaknoun for additional info about lesion removal. 

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